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    God has Spiritual Weapons of Warfare for your life. Learn how from the powerful words in the book: Spiritual Warfare: Victory in Oneness. In these last days, God is calling the body of Christ to Oneness. There are tremendous blessings and power in Oneness. In this powerful book, discover the blessings God has for you, your family, and the global church.

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    Are you confused, have no peace, fearful? You can be free indeed. Get ready to dismantle the Mind bondage that's holding you captive.

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    Eunice Trotter Ministries is  where the Bible is taught in a way to help you with your today.  Learn about how you can enter and enjoy the Kingdom of God and how it relates to you and your life.  Learn the dynamics of obtaining eternal life through Jesus and much more. Eunice Trotter Ministries is here to teach you not only how to connect with God, but how to consistently walk in His way. We strive to introduce as many as possible to Jesus who reveals God to people, by they Holy Spirit. God's grace is waiting for you.